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Development of GOLiFE digital map is based on 1/5000 orthophoto base map from Aerial Survey Office, reference to geographic information, photogrammetry, remote sensing, satellite image and other technical information, combining the investigation teams information and users feedback, we amend these information to the road network logic and related transaction . The area is now covered, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions. In the future, the services will be extended to Southeast Asia countries.

The Scope of the Current Marketing Taiwan and Penghu
Basic Road Network Data Includes category, name, number, and administrative and other information.
Advanced Road Network Data Status, weight, cut turn restrictions, one-way street, RDS-TMC data and other corresponding.
POI Divided into 10 categories and 105 classifications.
Other Layers Parks, buildings, MRT stations and rivers, etc..
Coordinate System TWD67, TWD97, WGS84
File format ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo Table

Digital Map

Taiwan and Penghu digital map, including roads, traffic information, institutions, schools, parks frame diagram, basic POI, and the village community plan bundled polygon layer free of charge.

POI Full Version

Divided into 10 categories and 105 classifications, such as dining, shopping, leisure, financial institutions, and public services, etc..

Digital Map Image Products

In use of website or publications produced for the background layer.

Address Coordinates Location Services

Contrast customers address with GOLiFE address coordinates database, attach the coordinates to the address and provides geographic information format.

Village Boundary Layer

Attribute data includes internal code, the district name, population (number of households, the male population, female population and total population), and statistics of time.

Products Warranties and Update Service

Provide one-year warranty to licensed products, and free update services monthly, quarterly, or every six months.