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List of button icons

  1. LAP / RETURN key

    • Press to record number of laps during activity logging. Press to save data on current exercise during paused activity logging.

    • Press to go back to last page or cancel selection when setting up your product.

  2. MODE key / POWER

    • Press to switch view modes: Watch/Exercise/Setup.

    • Press and hold to power on/off the product.

  3. UP / DOWN key

    • Press to browse through activity information pages in exercise mode.

    • Press to switch options in setup mode.


    • Press to start/pause recording in exercise mode.

    • Press to select options in setup mode.

Power up GoWatch770 for the first time

  1. (1) Press and hold MODE key to turn on your GoWatch770 device.
    Tap the screen twice to turn on the backlight.
  2. (2) Press MODE key to enter the main menu.
  3. (3) Press up/down arrow key to browse and point to option.
  4. (4) Select "Profile", press OK to enter the setup page.
  5. (5) Press up/down arrow key to browse and point to option. Press OK to enter highlighted option, press LAP key to exit.
    After setup, press LAP key to exit the page.
  6. (6) Select "Unit", press OK to enter the setup page.
  7. (7) Press OK to start set up, press LAP to exit after setting.
  8. (8) Select "Time Mode"
  9. (9) Set up "Time Format", "Time Zone" and "Daylight Saving" in sequence.
  10. (10) After setup is done, execute GPS positioning in outdoor environment for system calibration.

Start to Use GoWatch770


  1. (1)To insert the USB cable in the watch: point the USB plug at one end of the USB cable to the hole in your watch, press the other end firmly until you heard a "click" sound.
  2. (2) Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer. The watch is now charging its battery.
    • Please charge the watch for 2 hours before its first use.
    • Please return the watch to the manufacturer if the battery fails.
    • DO NOT replace battery improperly. Use battery specified by the manufacturer. Please dispose of waste batteries in accordance with local regulations.

Data synchronization

  1. (1) Point to GOLiFE RUN, click the "Register" button to register your account.
  2. (2) Click the "GoWatch Sync Software Download" button, install the software as prompted.
  3. (3) Connect your watch to a computer. Open the GOLiFE RUN sync software.
  4. (4) Enter the account ID and password when registering with the GOLiFE RUN site, press the Log In option.
  5. (5) Click "Sync Watch Data" button after logging into the site successfully.
  6. (6) Wait for the completion of the sync operation
    (It takes 1-2 minutes).
  7. (7) After the sync operation is completed successfully, click "To GOLiFE Run!" to enter the GOLiFE RUN site or access it manually.
    Click "My Acitivties" to view your activity log.


  • Press and hold LAP / MODE / DOWN arrow key to re-start your device.
  • This may prevent the log / setup data from being saved properly. Use this function with caution.

Watch modes

Watch mode

Your GoWatch770 functions as a normal watch when it is not recording exercise information. You can return to watch mode manually. Your watch may enter this mode automatically (if not in login mode) after a given period of standby time.

Set up time

Please calibrate the system time of the product after it is not used for long time:

  1. Positioning with GPS.
  2. Connect to a computer and run sync program.

Set up time zone and daylight saving time.

Please select time zone and enable daylight saving time in "Settings → Time ".

Set up alarm clock

Set up frequency and time of alarm clock reminder in "Settings → Alarm".

Status Bar

  1. GPS satellite status

    Satellite is positioned Satellite is not positioned Close GPS
  2. Activity log status

    Start logging (may vary with type of activities)
    Pause logging
  3. Current time

  4. Heart Rate Monitor connection

    Heart Rate Monitor connected
  5. Battery status

    Battery exhausted Battery still has power Battery is full

Exercise modes

Page setup

  • GoWatch770 offers four pages for exercise data viewing. Please set up data and layout of each page with "Settings → Page" function.

Auto pause

  • You may use the "Activity → Settings → Auto Pause" function to enable pause recording automatically during activity logging. Available options are "Stop" and "Custom Speed". The system resumes recording once the speed is back to a specified value.


  • Press LAP key to record number of laps during activity logging.

Lap information setup

  • Set up lap information for display with the "Settings → Page → Lap Page" function.

Auto lap recording

  • The GoWatch770 auto laps recording function determines laps by distance or time. Please set it up by "Activity → Settings → Auto lap".

Browse exercise and lap records

  • You may browse past exercise and lap records with the "Activity → History" function.
  • You may delete all exercise and lap records with the "Activity → Delete all" function or delete a single record when viewing individual activity records.

Start recording activities

  1. (1) Press MODE key in watch mode to switch to exercise mode.
  2. (2) After current status is displayed, press OK to start recording your activities.
  3. (3) You may press LAP to record laps manually in exercise mode. (See previous page to set up auto lap)
  4. (4) Press OK to pause logging. You do not need to press any key after being prompted. Press OK to resume recording in pause mode.
  5. (5) Stop and save records:
    In activity logging mode, press OK to pause recording and then press LAP to stop recording and save data on current activity. (Activity icon shows recording status)
  6. (6) After activity data is saved, current data is reset to blank.
    Press OK key to start recording new activities.



  • GoWatch770 virtual trainer can set up training goals to match different training times and speeds as well as to view instant training status.
  • Set up with "GYM → Trainer" setup mode.

Alternate training

  • Your GoWatch770 offers alternate training modes for you to do different volumes of training at different stages for alternate training goals.
  • Set up relevant data with "GYM → MultiSports" setup mode.

Heart Rate Monitor pairing

  • Please wet the H.R.M.'s electronic sensor area with a small amount of clean water.
  • GoWatch770 saves recently paired H.R.M. and pairs it at a higher priority. You may check whether your H.R.M. is paired or not in the "H.R.M.".
  • After your H.R.M. is replaced, click "Re-pair" to pair it again.

Other functions

Turn on/off backlight

  • Tap the screen twice, backlight will turn on automatically. The backlight turns off 10 seconds after standby mode is enabled.

Auto backlight

  • Click "Settings → Display → Backlight On" to select conditions for auto backlight on/off.

Reminding tone

  • Your GoWatch770 offers multiple key pressing and message reminders for you to select in "Settings → Sound".

Hue adjustment (black/white)

  • Please select desired screen hue in "Settings → Display → Display Color".

Product information

  • Please view product serial number and firmware edition in "Settings → About".

Reset to factory default

  • To reset factory default and activity records: Select "Settings → Factory Reset".