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GoWatch770 Features

  • Perfect Fashion Accessory
  • Multi-lingual
  • Accurate Search Location Function
  • 12-Hour Battery Life in GPS Mode (Based on personal use)
  • Stays Waterproof 1 Meter Underwater for Up to 30 Mins
  • ANT+™ H.R.M. Support (Additional Purchase)
  • ANT+™ Speed Cadence Combo (Additional Purchase)
  • Auto Pause
  • Auto Lap
  • Virtual Trainer
  • Alternate Traning
  • Training Selection
  • Built-in Pedometer Function
  • Indoor Jogging Distance Measurement
  • Multi-page Info Display
  • Maximum Heart Rate Alert

Real Time Professional Information Observe over a dozen types of sporting and physiological data during an activity.

  • Speed (Current/Average/Maximum)
  • Pace (Current/Average/Maximum)
  • Exercise duration
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Cadence* (Current/Average/Maximum)
  • Wheel Speed* (Current/Average/Maximum)
  • Steps
  • Elevation
  • Heart Rate** (Current/Average/Maximum)
  • Laps
  • Lap Distance
  • Lap Time
  • Lap Average Speed
  • Lap Pace

*(Work with speed cadence combo sensor)
**(Work with heart rate monitor)

High specification panel & strong wearproof characteristics

Your GoWatch770 devices employs special purpose panel from Mitsubishi, Japan
With the hardness of the watch surface up to 6H, take part in any outdoor sport without the slightest fear of grinding or scratch damage.
Remains new looking even after long time use

Not only can it record data, it is your personal trainer.

Your very own virtual personal trainer with competitive & training programs!
Enjoy more effective trainings with personalized interval trainings!

A variety of
real-time trainings

Set your own targets

Virtual personal trainer
at your side

Multiple activity type

Interactive training list

Set your own
training activities

Post-training data

Exerciese Info

ANT+™ Technology Heart rate monitor / Speed cadence combo sensor

GoWatch770 supports ANT+™ protocol compliant H.R.M and Speed cadence combo sensor.

Pairing up with heart rate strap: It shows all kinds of instant information for the heart and sets training intervals based on heart rate. With these functions, training goals can be achieved effectively and safely.

Pairing up with speed and cadence sensors: With the training of rortatonal frequency, an individual's skill and professional competency for cycling can be enhanced effectively.


Precise graph display. Easy upload & get analysis. Share with your friends.

Upload your activity

Upload training data via your own GOLiFE CONNECT account to the GOLiFE RUN Community website! Don't let your training be only about figures!

Data analysis

Convert complex activity data into easy-to-view diagramsand tables for review and analysis.

Set your goals

Helps you to set your weight loss targets, monthly training session targets, number of completed competitions etc. Your training information will be updated daily! Follow through on your targets and you will reach your goal!


Communicate with friends, cheer each other up, and running offers not just training but also a healthier life.


Dimensions 62 × 39 × 16 mm
Weight 60g
Screen resolution 144 × 168
G-sensor 3-axis accelerometer
Recording time 18 hours
Operation time 12 hours for GPS mode and 20 days for watch mode (Based on personal use)
Waterproof grade IPX6 and IPX7
Operation temperature −10℃ ∼ +60℃
H.R.M. supports Support any ANT+™ technology based H.R.M.
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
Place of origin Designed and manufactured in Taiwan
Connect your GoWatch770 with compatible ANT+™ products. Visit the ANT+™ Product Directory for details.

Advanced functions

Heart Rate Sensor ANT+™ technology
(additional purchase)
Speed Cadence Combo Sensor
(additional purchase)
ANT+™ technology
Multi-lingual display English / Chinese / Japanese
Watch Mode ✔ Yes
Auto Lap ✔ Yes
Auto Pause ✔ Yes
Virtual Trainer ✔ Yes
Alternate Training ✔ Yes
Types of Exercises ✔ Yes
Calories Calculation ✔ Yes
Customized Page View ✔ Yes
Pace Alert ✔ Yes
Heart Rate Alert ✔ Yes