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GoWatch 110i GPS Sport Watch

Firmware Changelog

  • Version 1.03.03 (2017/06/29)

    1. Fixed abnormal screen problems for indoor swimming.
    2. Fixed an issue about iOS Bluetooth disconnection.
    3. Improved user interface.
  • Version 1.03.02 (2017/05/02)

    1. Improved the algorithm of swimming stroke.
    2. Fixed a potential issue about activity tracking.
    3. Fixed UI bugs.
  • Version 1.03.01 (2017/03/17)

    1. Support swimming laps and strokes detection in indoor pool.
    2. Support customization of Auto Light setting.
    3. Fixed bug that Clock style has some wrong images.
  • Version 1.02.06 (2016/12/21)

    1. Activity log can be displayed by activity type.
    2. Page setting supports different activity types to display different activity data.
    3. Added support for display of activity track.
    4. Fixed stopwatch accuracy error.
    5. Added support for calibration of stride length.
    6. Added several new clock styles.
  • Version 1.02.05 (2016/10/17)

    1. Support maximum and average step cadence.
    2. Support nautical mile.
    3. Added timer.
    4. Fixed bugs.
  • Version 1.02.04 (2016/08/18)

    1. Fixed a potential issue with time.
    2. Changed speed cam to driving mode
    3. Added an option to the Auto light menu for enable the function only in an activity.
    4. Added support for ANT+ device could display current speed and distance information in indoor cycling mode.
    5. Added stop watch.
    6. Improved user interface.
  • Version 1.02.03 (2016/06/07)

    1. Improved the user interface in Simplified Chinese.
    2. Changed driving mode to speed cam.
    3. Remove speed cam in Simplified Chinese.
    4. Improved stability of uploading activity data and pairing process.
    5. The settings of beep and vibration merge together.
    6. Added a new option “Key” to backlight setting.
    7. Fixed a potential issue that the activity data would be corrupted.
    8. Fixed an issue that navigation function would trigger standby mode.
    9. Fixed an issue with abnormal power consumption in indoor activity.
    10. Improved stability of iOS device notification.
    11. Extended the time of notification display.
    12. Added a new feature that presses OK key will turn on backlight in watch mode.
    13. The entry of E-Compass was moved to menu.
  • Version 1.02.02 (2016/04/06)

    1. Improved stability of uploading activity data.
    2. Fixed a potential issue with abnormal power consumption.
    3. Driving mode function moved to menu.
    4. Fixed an issue with abort activity will causes data error.
    5. Fixed a potential issue with clock correction.
    6. Improved sensitivity of auto light.
  • Version 1.02.01 (2016/03/03)

    1. Added support drive mode.
    2. Added support auto light.
    3. Added an option to the saving activity menu to abort activity.
    4. Added support metronome.
    5. Display current step frequency.
    6. Added an alert when Bluetooth disconnect with smart phone.
    7. Fixed an issue with notification can not show correctly Thai language.
    8. Fixed UI bugs.
    9. Improved ANT+ reliability.