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  3. GoRide 100 Speed Cadence Combo Sensor
  • ANT+™ interoperable wireless technology
  • Sensors for Speed & Cadence
  • Patented universal fit Cadence extender
  • Fits any frame size or configuration
  • Long battery life


Simple transmission

PAPAGO! With standard ANT+™ transmission protocol, your cadence & speed sensor can connect to a host of devices with ANT+™ support, including GPS watches, GPS bike computers and mobile phones, for accurate cadence and speed.

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How to Install

  1. (START)

    Easily install GoRide 100 with:

    1. GoRide 100 Cadence and Speed Sensor
    2. Magnet (Big)
    3. Magnet (Small)
    1. 3.6 mm Cable ties
    2. 2.5 mm Cable ties
  2. (1)

    Fix sensor on chain stay.

    Please notice that cable ties are in different size.

  3. (2)

    Fix magnet (small) on trailing wheel spoke with wrench.

  4. (3)

    Fix magnet (small) on crank with B-type cable ties.

  5. (4)

    If the distance between sensor and magnet is 12 mm when they are close, the data would be more accurate.

  6. (5)

    Sensor should be on the moving path of magnets.

    The maximum sensor range with other ANT+™ device is 150 cm.

  7. (6)

    Press the button to start or reset.

  8. (7)

    The light will stay on 2 seconds after turning on cadence; blink 10 times after connecting the sensor.

  9. (8)

    Replace battery as the illustration.


Dimension of Sensor62 × 40 × 12 mm
WeightSensor 22g, Magnets 17g
LifespanMore than 500 hours of transmission time after full charge
Sensor range150 cm (Maximum)
Working temperature0 ~ 50 ℃
Battery model3.0 V CR2032 lithium button battery (open the battery cover before replacing the battery)
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