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GOLiFE Care-X Smart Anion Wristband

Included All Functions You Need


  • Call Reminder
  • Mail Reminder
  • Message
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile Anti-lost


  • Anion
  • Dose Reminder
  • Idle Alarm
  • Smart Lit
  • Time/Date
  • IP66/67


  • Calories
  • Activity Tracker
  • Sharing Data
  • Goal Setting
  • Distance


  • Sleep Detection
  • Alarm Setting
  • Auto Sync

Three colors,
fashion and good outfit

Shows incoming call number and vibration to remind at the same time, won’t miss a call (With Bluetooth on)

Up to 881 ions/cc density that verified by SGS to promote healthy circulation!

Set up medicine reminder to help you take medicine on time.

IP66 / 67 water resistance can resist an unexpected situation when it gets wet or with daily hand-washing!

  • Activity Tracker
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Time/Date

With connecting to GOLiFE Fit APP can instantly upload your daily record such as number of steps, distance and calories consumed!

Anti-lost reminder, let you remember to take your phone with you!

Regular weekly / monthly reports send all the information at a glance!

GOLiFE Care-X Caution

  1. For the first time use, please connect USB charging cable to charge, and then press the button to power on the smartband.
  2. GOLiFE Care-X smartband is IP66 / 67 water resistance, use only daily water resistance such as washing your hands or general rain soaked, and please wiped away as soon as possible; not recommended to bathe under steam room, spa, swimming, diving and other situations.
  3. GOLiFE smart band are developed to provide you with information such as steps counting, distance, calorie, sleep detection to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. However, the information can vary from personal usage. The data provided may not be completely accurate. GOLiFE smart bands are not designed as medical device and the data provided is not intend to utilized for medical purpose. GOLiFE recommend you to consult doctors before engaging in any exercise routines.
  4. Smart Band Battery:
    To provide instant heart rate data, GOLiFE smart band will automatically sense and provide data, which can cause battery consuming. Besides, call notification, message display & alarm can drain its battery.

Product Specifications

Color Black / Golden Black / Silver Black
Dimension 50 × 20.8 × 10.5 mm
Weight 20g
Display 128 × 32
Water Resistent IP66 / IP67
Operation Time Based on personal use
APP GoFIT App (Support devices with Bluetooth 4.0; iOS 8.3 / Android 4.3 or later.)
Features Anion Band / Multi Language Display
Account Login Facebook / Weibo / WeChat
Social Media Facebook / Weibo / WeChat
Sharing Facebook / Weibo / WeChat / QQ (After reach 10K steps milestone)