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Firmware Changelog

  • Version 2.01.04 (2017/01/17)

    1. Fixed notification issue on iPhone 7.
  • Version 2.01.03 (2016/02/19)

    1. Improved Bluetooth pairing process for iOS.
    2. Fixed connection issue with HTC A9.
    3. Fixed issue with time synchronization.
  • Version 2.01.02 (2016/01/21)

    1. Medication reminder support.
    2. Fixed issue with Gmail notification.
    3. Improved Bluetooth pairing process.
  • Version 2.01.01 (2015/03/20)

    1. Support iOS Message Notification: social networking apps (defined by iOS) / text message / incoming call.
  • Version 1.01.05 (2014/12/30)

    1. Show message content (only English characters now) for incoming notifications. (GOLiFE Fit App for Android only)
    2. Display the number of steps when step goal is achieved.
    3. When smart band is in sleep mode, it will remind users via vibration to switch to activity mode when detect activity.
    4. The smart band won’t vibrate for low battery in sleep mode.
    5. Fix clock delay issue.
    6. Other bug fixes.
  • Version 1.01.04 (2014/11/12)

    1. Automatic Display: Once you enable this function in the APP, the smart band will automatically display the time when you raise your hand and keep it horizontal for 2-3 seconds.
    2. Sedentary Reminders: GOLiFE Care helps change your sedentary habits by reminding you to stand up and move around with smartband vibrations.
    3. Time format setting: Allows you to choose between 12 hour format or 24 hour format time display.
    4. ANT+™ H.R.M. Support: Now GOLiFE Care can work with ANT+ heart rate monitor.
    5. UI refinement: Removed some icons. Click fewer times to get information.
  • Version 1.01.03 (2014/09/15)

    1. Modified disconnection reminder method.
    2. Bug fixing and effort enhancement.
    3. UI refinement.
  • Version 1.01.02 (2014/08/12)

    1. Added imperial/metric options.
    2. Fixed battery capacity display.
    3. Effort enhancement.
    4. UI refinement.