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  1. Product List
  2. Healthy Life
  3. GOLiFE Fit Bluetooth Smart Scale

Weight / BMI Trends

All weight and BMI information in your GOLiFE account
is presented in the form of graphs and charts
so you can easily track your progress.

So Simple, Anyone Can Use It.

Setting up the app is as simple as following our
easy-to-understand instructions.

Bluetooth Transmission Paired with Cloud Storage

Data from your device is synced to your smartphone app via Bluetooth 4.0 and is then stored to the cloud forever. Multiple devices can be synced so you can keep an eye on the health of all family members.

Product Features

The Perfect Metallic Finish

Pairs with a minimalistic panel design to create a high-end smart device.

Backlit Display

Easy to read, even in the dark.

Internal Memory

GOLiFE Fit knows that
you don't alwayshave your phone on you;
that's why our device can store your data
until the next time you sync.

Considerate Designs
that Keep You Safe

Corners are rounded to resist shock,
while the solid base prevents the device
from tipping over during use,
keeping you safe and healthy.

Fashionably flawless

Slim design with unique personality.
Space-saving compact proportions.

Guest Mode

Guest users can press the button at the
bottom of the device to enter
guest mode and start using the device
without the need to set up an account.


Available for download at the App Store or on Google play.
To be used in tandem with the GOLiFE Bluetooth Devices.

Support devices with Bluetooth 4.0; iOS 8.3 / Android 4.3 or later.